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  1. Flandre

    French passenger ship "Flandre" 8571 tons groos. Built 1914 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, yard # 66 (E 3), for Cie. Générale Transatlantique, St. Nazaire. 1914 auxiliary cruiser. Captured German sailing vessel "Barmbek" 18.08.14. Later troopship and 1918 Hospital ship. 1919...
  2. Désirade in Saigon

    French passenger ship DÉSIRADE in Saigon. 9645 tons gross. Built 1921 by Ateliers & Chantiers de France, Dunkerque, yard # 101, for Cie. des Chargeurs Réunis, Le Havre. Scrapped 1950. Scanned from a postcard.
  3. Trouville with "La Touques"

    Port de Trouville and French passenger vessel "La Touques". For details see Scanned from a postcard
  4. La Touques

    French passenger vessel "La Touques" in Trouville. For details see Scanned from a postcard
  5. La Touques

    French passenger vessel "La Touques" departing Honfleur. 228 tons gross. Built 1901 by F. & Ch. de la Méditerranée, Le Havre, yard # 247, for Cie. Normande de Navigation à Vapeur, Le Havre. Lost 20.06.40 Dinard-roads, bombed by aircraft. Scanned from a postcard
  6. Medjerda

    French passenger vessel "Medjerda" in Oran. 1862 tons gross, built 1899, torpedoed and sunk 11.05.17 in the Mediterranean, German submarine "U 34". Scanned from a postcard.
  7. Rapide

    A paddle steamer in Honfleur. No name visible, but it is "Rapide", because the externally almost identical "Gazelle" had another top of the funnel and no airshafts in front of the funnel. 175 tons gross, built 1881, scrapped 1938. Scanned from a postcard.
  8. "Rapide"

    Arrivée de la "Touques" - arrival of the "Touques", but "T" is not the ship's name, but only means paddle steamer! The postcard taken at Trouville shows the "Rapide", a small French paddle passenger vessel of 175 tons gross, built 1881 and scrapped in 1938. Scanned from a postcard.
  9. Gazelle

    Even if the text says ''Le Rapide'', a close look with a magnifying glass shows the name of the small French paddle passenger ship as ''Gazelle''! 173 tons gross, built 1884 she was only hulked in 1938. Scanned from a postcard.
  10. Ville de Rochefort

    The small French passenger vessel "Ville de Rochefort". 209 tons gross, built 1895 as British yacht "Eilanreach"; ../1913 sold to French owners and renamed "Ville de Rochefort". Scrapped 1930. Scanned from a postcard.
  11. Charles Roux

    The French passenger liner "Charles Roux" of the Cie. Générale Transatlantique. 4104 tons gross, built 1908 and scrapped 1935. Scanned from a postcard.
  12. Boyardville

    The small French passenger vessel "Boyardville", 112 tons gross, built 1892, scrapped 1936. Scanned from a postcard.
1-12 of 12 Results