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  1. BRAGE


    BRAGE IMO 1956 completed by Nordseewerke Emden GmbH, Emden for Seereederei "Frigga" A.G., Hamburg 6.120GRT, 10.397tdw, 3.750bhp 2SA 6Cy. MAN, 13kn She was a tramp ship mostly imployed as an ore carrier for the German steel industry and had these sister ships: BALDUR (1952), HÖDUR (1954), AEGIR
  2. Frigga


    At Korsor 19-06-10 IMO number 9175250 Call Sign OXCU2 Gross tonnage 467 DWT 323 Year of build 1998 Flag : Denmark
  3. M.V. Frigga

    M.V. Frigga

    I've blown this picture up and the name appears to be Frigga and she's registered in Monrovia. Obviously taken in Rotterdam and dated 1966. Phil Roe