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  1. Fua Kavenga

    Fua Kavenga, I was told this meant "lifter of heavy loads ''in Tongan. She was the sister of Forum Samoa, both built in Germany as aid to the Pacific. Wonderful little ships sailing between NZ and Australia to Fiji, Samoa, Western Samoa, and Tonga.
  2. Fua Kavenga

    Fua Kavenga arriving at Sydney. Built by J. J. Sietas with German Government assistance she was registered in Nuku'alofa but, at least initially, managed by Columbus Line. Sold in 2002 and renamed Capitaine Fern II, 2003 Golden Trader, 2006 Golden Trader I.
  3. Fua Kavenga

    Fua Kavenga arriving Newcastle ,NSW, 1980. Saw her last year in Auckland under a different name.
1-4 of 4 Results