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  1. Nova Scotia

    One of the four 1:100 working models of Nova Scotia / Newfoundland.
  2. Master's Reference 1910.

    Reference given to my grandfather by Norfolk and North American Steam Shipping Company Limited in 1910 when management of the line transferred from Simpson, Spence and Young to Furness Withy.
  3. Cadet's Reference 1936

    Reference to my father from Furness Withy in 1936.
  4. Nova Scotia

    This shipbuilders' model was auctioned in 2010 for GBP 26.978,00. Scale is 1:50 (312 cms) This ship is one of my favourites, so I intend to have 5 pcs made in half that size (scale 1:100) if I can find buyers for 4 pcs. Price indication GBP 1600 ex taxes.
  5. Pacific Trader

    Pacific Trader, Furness Withy.
  6. Pacific Reliance

    Pacific Reliance, Furness Withy.
  7. Pacific Ranger

    Pacific Ranger, Furness Withy.
  8. Pacific Grove

    Pacific Grove, Furness Withy.
  9. Pacific Exporter

    Pacific Exporter, Furness Withy
  10. Furness Withy

    Probably a Furness Withy vessel, photo I took on 17thApril1963 on a very wet day Mersey. Taken from Mersey Ferry with box Brownie.

    Furness Withy ship, Mersey?
  12. Advertisement from Northern Prince passenger list

    Slightly surprising use of words 'great' and 'brilliant' which I associate more with present-day modes of speech. The word 'gay', on the other hand, probably wouldn't be used in quite the same way today. Undated, but is clearly from the 1930s.
  13. Monarch of Bermuda

    Already in a wartime coat of gray paint, Furness Withy Lines Monarch of Bermuda is seen leaving New York in late November, 1939. The liner had been requisitioned by the Admiralty and given her first wartime mission. She was ordered to leave New York and sail northward to Halifax, Nova Scotia...
  14. Cap Badges

    In which we served
  15. Sagamore

    Johnson Warren - Furness Withy ore carrier
  16. Edenmore

    Johnson Warren - Furness Withy ore carrier
  17. Furness Bridge

    Furness Bridge, on the the river clyde, 1971
  18. cable car, table mountain

    with some of the crew from the furness bridge, heading up table mountain, capetown. 1971
  19. Norman Ross, Furness Bridge

    me (on the left) with norman ross on the furness bridge, indian ocean, 1971
  20. furness bridge, painting the funnel

    painting the funnel on the furness bridge, capetown, 1971
1-20 of 21 Results