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  1. Manzanares_Panama Canal1974.jpg

    On the Bridge of the Fyffes Reefer MANZANARES, somewhere in transit on the Panama Canal. Ricky Baird (Marconi R/O) with Dick Atkin (Fyffes Deck Cadet). Both young 21-yo at the time! (Photo by courtesy of Dick Atkin).
  2. Xmas'74 Fyffes_Manzanares.jpg

    Front L~R: Jimmy Bell (Purser), next to his son. Middle: with Moustache ~ Keth Finney (3rd Mate) Back Row L-R: 1. Ships Agent 2. Mrs Hodges (Capts' Wife) 3. Capt. Brian Hodges 4: ??? 5. Ricky Baird (R/O ~Marconi) ......Photo courtesy of Dick Atkin.
  3. Bananas arriving at Avonmouth Dec 1945

    Her first taste of that yellow thing called a Banana, they were never seen though the war years so its new to her. Wonder where she is today.
  4. Al Moshtaree (ex Motagua)

    Al Moshtaree at anchor, not Durban, possibly Algeciras, Spain.
  5. What fun they had!!

    My first trip as cadet crossing the line 22nd Jan 1974, Fyffes Motagua at sea between Kuwait and Capetown for bunkers then on to Panama for Banana's!! The only names I can remember are Les Richmond (3rd Mate) in the green boiler suit and Steve Smith (also first trip cadet) in the grey/white boiler
  6. Probably not the done thing these days

    This was taken in the officers bar of Fyffes Patuca cc end of 1977, early 1978 I dare say would not be acceptable these days. Some of the characters I recall..... Steve Crapper, Kev Richardson, Minty Mike (think that came from his socks - can't remember his proper name) and Colin Squib? who was Purs
  7. Christmas 1974 - Manzanares

    A seasonal photo. This was taken in the bar on Fyffes Manzanares Front row L to R 1 -Purser - I think his surname was Bell, 2 - His son is next to him. In the middle with the moustache is Keith Finney - 3rd Mate Back row L to R 1- Shore Agent, 2 - Mrs Hodges (Captains wife), 3 - Capt Hodge
  8. Roatan

    The SS Roatan passing in the Panama Canal. This image is a composition of two images, one of the bow and the other the mid section. The images were taken by Les Richmond of this site and I merged them to make this. Les is aware of this posting and is looking for a photo of the stern section he
  9. Almirante

    The Fyffes boat -Almirante in the small commercial side of Portsmouth. Taken Sept 1988.
  10. Motagua

    Motagua alongside in Naples - 1974
  11. Motagua

    This is a scan of the photo that was used on the front of Fyffes recruiting booklet in the 70's. Must have been taken when she was brand new out of Kobe, Japan - No rust! I dId my first trip on her as cadet - Jan 74 to Aug 74.
  12. Patuca

    The bridge of the SS Patuca. Limited equipment by todays standards, even when it all worked!!
  13. Patuca

    Fyffes SS Patuca alongside in Tampa 1976. I think she was scrapped in 1978. This Photo was given to me by a local who took pictures of ships visiting Tampa.
1-13 of 13 Results