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  1. Gaelic Ferry

    Atlantic Steam Navigation Co Built 1963 by Swan Hunter 2,760 gross tons, 365 foot x 56 foot beam, speed 16 knots
  2. Gaelic Ferry

    Atlantic Transport Co Heading for the UK from Holland across a choppy North Sea in September 1976
  3. Gaelic Ferry

    Gaelic Ferry
  4. Gaelic Ferry

    Atlantic SNC 1964 2754 grt 441 ft 56 ft 16 kts last of the 'goodies'
  5. Gaelic Ferry

    Gaelic Ferry looking aft on North Sea Felistowe to Rotterdam service April 1966.
  6. Gaelic Ferry

    Gaelic Ferry in Felixstowe in April 1966 on the Felixstowe to Rotterdam run.
  7. Gaelic Ferry

    Stern view of Atlantic Steam Navigations Ro-Ro ship Gaelic Ferry in Felixstowe in April 1966. Felixstowe to Rotterdam run.

    Pre- Townsend days in original Atlantic Steam Navigation colours taken at Europoort in 1976.
1-8 of 8 Results