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  1. Galileo


    Flag UK. Imo 9698317. Build 2014.


    Chandris Cruises' GALILEO (ex-Lloyd Triestino's GALILEO GALILEI of 1963) displays her beautiful lines as she departs Philadelphia on a summer afternoon in 1985.
  3. Galileo


    Chandris Line's Galileo.
  4. Galileo


  5. SS Galileo at sunset

    SS Galileo at sunset

    Another fine brochure image of Chandris Lines SS Galileo.
  6. SS Galileo at anchor

    SS Galileo at anchor

    Chandris Lines SS Galileo at anchor sometime in the mid-80s
  7. SS Galileo brochure cover

    SS Galileo brochure cover

    From a 1985 Chandris 'Fantasy cruises' brochure. Note the two decks of penthouse suites that weren't installed even when Galileo was rebuilt as the Meridian for Chandris' upscale Celebrity Cruises division - only one level was added then.
  8. SS Galileo stern at night

    SS Galileo stern at night

    Another enchanted evening aboard the SS Galileo.
  9. SS Galileo at sea

    SS Galileo at sea

    Chandris LInes SS Galileo before her remod for their Celebrity Line division. Along with the SS Marconi was one of the best of Italy's 'ricostruzione' era liners. Note the clever design trick of roofing over part of the lifeboat davits for the promenade deck.
  10. Galileo


    Galileo at anchor off Santorini on 5 July 2010.
  11. Galileo


    Galileo at anchor off Santorini on 5 July 2010.


    New York 1980's Built 1963 as Galileo Galilei 1984 Galileo 1989 Monitor 1989 Meridian 1997 Sun Vista 1999 fire and sank off Penang
  13. Galileo @ Santorini

    Galileo @ Santorini

    Do you think the accommadation was an after thought?
  14. Galileo Galilei ( up date )

    Galileo Galilei ( up date )

    Looking from the bow back to the bridge.
  15. Galileo Galilei (up date )

    Galileo Galilei (up date )

    For those of you that may have been wondering how things are going with the build well painting is under way at the moment with superstructure being done first.
  16. Galileo


    This was an STS with my vessel Sigloo Moon and Galileo about 250 miles NE of Mauritus Jan 2007. No tugs or pilots offcourse. Galileo is the ex Shell 'Isomeria'.
  17. Galileo


    Galileo berthed at Papeete, 1975.