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  1. Galley

    Galley Bismillah, built 1950 at Aker Mek. Oslo for Fred Olsen, Oslo.
  2. Looking for Old Shipmates
    I joined BP in 1982 first vessel British Tenacity, tramping around New Zealand & Australia, weeks of pure pleasure in Singapore whilst the powers that be decided where they wanted us to go. We went to Saudi and then down to Tanzania, picked up a stowaway! Travelled through the Suez to Baniyas...
  3. Captain T N T Harrison

    Great Captain taken on Border Hunter.over 12 month voyage. were he and other mates worked on me to make sure I passed my 2 mates after only three week college time. He was well known in South Shields
  4. Galley

    The galley of m.v. cma cgm nabucco.
  5. Up Helly Aa 2006

    After being one of the centres of attraction for a day the Galley meets her destiny in a firey end!
  6. Up Helly Aa 2006

    Sorry chaps, couldn't resist posting a couple of photos from this years featival. Well it is a boat! The galley comes up the ranks.
1-6 of 6 Results