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  1. Shipping Cotton, Galveston, Texas. @1912

    Shipping Cotton, Galveston, Texas. @1912

    What's interesting is the bales were not loaded using the ships equipment but pulled up the tarpaulin slides shown over the side of the vessel which using hooks must have led to many damaged bales (burst bands etc..)
  2. Northern Canyon DEC 08 Galveston

    Northern Canyon DEC 08 Galveston

    Seen here in Galveston after fitting the heli deck in Corpus Christi
  3. Galveston


    The Suncorona of Mandal loading midwest wheat in Galveston, 1960 or earlier. The wheat is sucked out of the barge, which has brought the wheat to Galveston on the Inland Waterway, and blown into the Norwegian tramp.