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  1. Line-fishing-vessel An Capall Ban

    Line-fishing-vessel An Capall Ban fitting-out, Galway City, May 2000. Splendid heraldic bow decoration!
  2. Galway

    Galway arriving Port Chalmers Built: 1959 Smith's Dock, South Bank Tonnage: 6,409grt Owners: Avenue Sg Co 1967: Lengthened, 9,539grt 1975: To P and O General Cargo Division, r/n 'Strathinver' 1976: Sold, r/n 'Golden Fortune' 1983: Wrecked in typhoon, Hong Kong 9.8.1983, broken up.
  3. Galway

    Galway docks, April 1971, looking east from the town side. Aran Islands ferry Naom Eanna centre stage, Italian reefer Gelesiae on the left.
  4. Galway

    Galway docks, April,1971, as viewed from the pier at low tide. Aran Islands ferry Naom Eanna on the left, Italian reefer Gelesiae on the right.
  5. M/V Galway

    The M/V Galway No other information. Frank
  6. Approach to Panama Canal

    The approach to the Panama Canal. Before we pass the bridge and then on to the locks
  7. Galway, Wellington

    The Galway waiting for a berth at Wellington, 1961. She is sitting close to where the Floating Dock (later sunk under tow to Aust) was. She was not berthed at a cargo berth.
  8. Galway

    Galway in the Manchester canal, 1961. Have they cleaned it up yet?
  9. Galway

    Mr first ship
  10. Steyning @ Galway 1981

    waiting to sail,with a cargo of concentrates. Stephenson Clarke
1-10 of 10 Results