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  1. USS Adhara AK-71

    The USS Adhara (AK-71) waiting for scrapping works at Gandía Harbour, must be, there are not enough details that could distinguish it from other possible ships of its series that also ended up scrapped, either in the port of Bilbao, or in the port of gandía by the same company
  2. Tchibanga

    Tchibanga at Gandia scrapping port, earlys 1970,s waiting his final destiny. Hierros Ardes S.A.
  3. Georcilis

    Georcilis at Gandia Shipyard waiting for scrappin early's 70,s, by Hierros Ardes S.A.
  4. Landbreeze, ex-Sydhav at Gandia Scrapping port (1969) Spain

    Someone could help me to identify this oil tanker that I just scrapped in the port of Gandia there in the 1970s, and whose chimney is turquoise with a letter "B" ?¿ or at least to which shipping belonged? Thank you so much. Se too:
1-4 of 4 Results