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  1. Gann

    Seen at Gothenburg on 15th October 1977 Maritime training ship - see details below in comments with thanks to Bno and Pat Thompson There is a further photo of her as Brand VI here:
  2. Gann

    Alongside Northumbria Quay 29th July 2012
  3. Gann

    The cruise ship Gann alongside Victoria pier, Lerwick..
  4. Gann

    At Leith.
  5. Gann

    Norwegian Gann, Tórshavn 14. july 2010
  6. Gann and Pauline

    Gann and jack-up barge Pauline alongside Kirkwall Pier, Orkney, 20 July 2010. Gann took over her name from her predecessor in 2007.
  7. MS Gann

    MS Gann. ex.Hurtigruten Narvik. In Stavanger, April 2010. A few days later she was to be sailing people stranded by the Icelandinc Volcano to the UK.
1-7 of 7 Results