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  1. Gdynia

    Crowds watching the departure of Stefan Batory as she swings near the Polish Ocean Lines Romer
  2. Gdynia

    Passing the outer breakwater aboard Stefan Batory in September 1974
  3. Gdynia

  4. Gdynia

    Crowds on the dockside greeting the arrival of Stefan Batory in August 1974
  5. Gdynia

  6. Gdynia

    Polish steamship GDYNIA, imo 5512694/108,3m/ 3.818gt/ 11,5kn; 12/1954 completed by Gdanska Lenina, Gdansk, for Polish Steamship Company, Szczecin; 1966 wrecked off North Vietnam coast.
  7. Gdynia

    A view showing part of the Polish port and the attractive gardens bordering this in the late 1960's to early 1970's
  8. MV SEEBURG salvaged

    The ex-German depot ship SEEBURG (12,636 GRT / 1939) just before being raised by a Polish salvage firm in 1952 off Gdynia. For her complete history please see here:
  9. Gneisenau wreck

    The wreck of the German battleship Gneisenau in the port of Gdynia. After the Gneisenau (32,100 ts/1936) successfully broke the English Channel on Febr. 12th, 1942 (Operation Cerberus), along with Scharnhorst and Prinz Eugen, she detonated a magnetic mine off Terschelling, sustaining minor...
  10. Gdynia

    Stefan Batory arriving at her home port
  11. Hydrofoil Podmuch

    The Polish hydrofoil Podmuch, i.e. Breath (of wind) moored to the quay in Gdynia. It was built in the Soviet Union in 1973 and commissioned April 20th, 1974. 147 grt/96 nrt, 2000 HP, max. speed 32 knots.
  12. MV Francesco Nullo

    The Polish general cargo vessel Francesco Nullo photographed in the port of Gdynia. The Francesco Nullo (8620 GRT / 4861 NRT / 11,417 tdw) was launched by the Stocznia Im. Komuny Parsykiej, Gdynia, Yard number B41/01 on 2 Oct 1963, and delivered to the Polish Ocean Lines, Gdansk in Febr 1964...
  13. ORP Burza at Gdynia

    The Polish World War II-destroyer ORP Burza seen here as a museums ship in Gdynia in 1973. The ORP Burza (1400 ts / 1910 ts) was launched on 16 April 1929 by Chantiers Navals Francais, Blainville, Caen and commissioned on 10 July 1932. In the years prior to World War II the Burza served in...
  14. Zawisza Czarny

    Gdynia Port during winter. Zawisza Czarny in front, Blyskawica behind.
  15. Zawisza Czarny

    The picture has been taken by Captain Andrzej Drapella in July 1992. Zawisza Czarny has sailed from USA, were she was invited to celebrate USA 500 Years Anniversary. I met Zawisza Czarny and Captain Drapella in Cork. My ship Silver Star was lying just behind, at the same wharf. I have got...
  16. Seamen and Fishermen Memorial

    Gdynia 01-11-2009 end every 1st of November
  17. Memory of Seamen and Fishermen ...

    Memory of Seaman and Fishermen which died at sea. Monument can be seen on Gdynia Bulwar. The 1st of November is a special day when we all visiting graves of our lovely ones or friends which passed away.
  18. Championship

    Onboard Dar Pomorza - Sunday competition
  19. Gdynia

    Gdynia Harbour, Marina, building on the left Maritime Academy - Department of Navigation, next to the right Aquarium. On the horizon line Hel Peninsula
1-20 of 29 Results