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  1. Geesthaven

    I always thought the ports of South Wales were really interesting places that oozed history. At every turn there was something to catch the interest or to admire and I would love to have witnessed the heyday of coal in such ports. The Geesthaven is seen at Barry in 1990 and is certainly a size...
  2. unknown = Geesthaven

    GEESTHAVEN 1966 8042 tgr Geest. blt Scotts at Greenock 75-DOHA b/up Gadani 15-4-86 From a slide with full copyright Taken at St Vincent 3-67.
  3. Geest ship, Panama Locks, = Geesthaven

    A banana ship belonging to the Geest line. I have forgot the name of the ship. I was onboard the R V Star when I took this photo 1973/6. Does anybody out there know the name of the ship. when you enlarge the photo you can make out Geest ------- Frank
1-3 of 3 Results