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  1. img040.jpg

    SS Raffaello, in Genoa port, 16th November 1965
  2. Conti Di Savoia

    Very nice view of the Conti Di Savoia taken at her home port of Genoa, early in her career.
  3. Rex

    Here is a stern view of Italy’s Rex, also taken in Genoa, with the ship dressed overall. This ship IMO was one of the few that didn’t look as good photographed from the stern. It just seems odd that, with the exception of her funnels, her lifeboats were, for the most part, the tallest...
  4. Rex

    Nice shot of the Rex in her home port of Genoa during her brief reign as the Atlantic Champion in 1934.
  5. GENOA

  6. Genoa - Horse drawn dray

    Delivering alongside Concordia Taleb.
  7. Genoa

    The NGI passenger vessel to the right is possibly the Citta di Genova. The small cargo vessel to her left looks to have a Nippon Yusen Kaisha funnel. But without colour this could well be incorrect. Any information about the various ships and likely date of this photo would be appreciated.
  8. Visited London Valour's bell - Genoa - May 2015

    Visited the church 'Chiesa Anglicana', Genoa where the London Valour's ships bell is kept. My mother's uncle, Donald Muir, was skipper who perished along with his wife Maizie.
  9. London Valour - ships bell

    London Valour's bell
  10. London Valour - ships bell

    Photo of London Valour's bell
  11. London Valour ships bell

    Plaque - Presented by the survivors of the "London Valour" to the sailor's rest in gratitude for the assistance given to them on the day of the tragedy Genova 9th April 1970
  12. London Valour commemorative plaque - Genoa - 23 May 2015

    Photo of commemorative plaque in the docks area - London Valour - Genoa - taken 23 May 2015. My mothers uncle was skipper Donald Muir perished along with his wife Maizie.
  13. Regina Prima

    Another shot of that busy day in Genoa harbour in 1977. I wish that I'd taken other photos of this most interesting ship; built as the Panama for Panama Line and later sailed as President Hoover on American President Line's trans-Pacific service. When acquired by Chandris she sailed for some...
  14. Taras Schevchenko

    So many ships in Genoa harbour on this day in 1977. Enrico C and Regina Prima (out of shot) Odessa, Angelina Lauro and Amerikanis (also out of shot). I was on Vistafjord and she took the berth that had just been vacated by Irpinia.
  15. Irpinia

    Irpinia photographed from on board Vistafjord. We were entering Genoa harbour and she was departing.
  16. Costa Concordia

    The Costa Concordia completed here final voyage today when she safely arrived at the scrapyard in Genoa. The voyage, made with the ship supported by caissons strapped to her sides and under tow, took four days to accomplish.
  17. Genoa

    Costa Pacifica towers over the port buildings
  18. Genoa


    Karageorgis Lines' NAVARINO (ex-GRIPSHOLM) at Genoa, on the morning of 12 April 1980.
1-20 of 37 Results