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  1. George Elmy

    One boat of interest just arrived in the our marina is the old Seaham lifeboat the George Emily. Built in 1948 she was involved in the tragic loss of eight crewman at Seaham when she capsized in November 1962. She was in a very dilapidated state and has been restored by South Shields boat...
  2. George Elmy

    Midship view
  3. George Elmy

    View looking aft
  4. George Elmy

    Aft end of the hull
  5. George Elmy

    Aft end of the cabin top
  6. George Elmy

    Second in a series of photos showing progress on the restoration
  7. George Elmy

    Restoration work in progress on the former Seaham, Co. Durham lifeboat
  8. George Elmy

    Restoration project for Seaham, Co Durham
  9. ON 873 George Elmy (2)

    Ex Seaham Lifeboat, George Elmy on boatyard slip. She is to be restored and returned to Seaham for display as part of a heritage project
  10. ON 873 George Elmy (1)

    ON 873 George Elmy ex Seaham Lifeboat about to be transferred to boat-builder to begin restoration.
1-10 of 10 Results