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  1. German liners 2

    Some more German cigarette cards. All ships belonging to the fleet of Norddeutsche Lloyd. Top left: Sierra Cordoba. Launched 1923 by Bremer Vulcan, Vegesack. Outside of traffic between Bremen and Middle American ports, also employed in cruising (Erholungsreisen). Top right: Sierra Nevada...
  2. German liners 1

    Some pre-war liners belonging to Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen. From an album of cigarette cards. Lloyd cigarettes from Brinkmann Zigarettenfabrik in Bremen. Top left: Berlin. Launched 1925 by Bremer Vulcan, Vegesack. Employed on the Bremen - NY route. Top right: Bremen. Launched 1928 by A. G...
1-2 of 2 Results