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  1. Gib July 09

    Gib July 09

    Gib harbour, taken July 09. Massive expansion over the last few years. No sign of the RN anywhere.
  2. Gib dockyard 1974

    Gib dockyard 1974

    sat watching the ships coming in ,our son Paul with grandma
  3. a better side of gib

    a better side of gib

    when at gib ,i was on a I.S.M.S at dinner time dropped the hook and spent a few hours taking in the view.F.O GIB could not see us in the bay.
  4. Gibraltar Harbour

    Gibraltar Harbour

    October `65, view from cable car landing of northern end of harbour. In the distant back ground one of Universe Tankers with the Richard De Larrinaga in front.
  5. Gibraltar Roads

    Gibraltar Roads

    Two Russians (as was) Oct. 1965 coming to grief.


    Passing the Rock - a classic view recognised by all seamen but have I got the slide the right way around please cos my memory has gone??