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  1. Gjertrud Bakke

    1957. China Sea
  2. Gjertrud Bakke

    Unloading wheat in Shanghai. From Fremantle, 1957 or beginning of 1958.
  3. Gjertrud Bakke

    A new australian messboy. Fremantle - Singapore 1957. Life is hell a couple of days.
  4. Gjertrud Bakke

    I cannot remember their names. 1957. Gotaverken machinery.
  5. Gjertrud Bakke

    Norwegian m/s GJERTRUD BAKKE, imo 5131593/ 144,8m/ 6.076gt/ 17kn; 03/1950 completed by Gotaverken Mek. Verk., Gothenburg, for D/S Lisbeth, mgrs Knut Knutsen OAS, Haugesund; 29/11/1978 ARRIVED Hong ong for breaking up.
  6. Gjertrud Bakke

    Arriving Shanghai jan. 58 with full cargo of wheat from Fremantle. 2000 live sheep (deckcargo) had left us in Singapore. They where lucky!
  7. Gjertrud Bakke. Time off.

    Singapore 1957. The chap in the center of the photo (sitting) is Jansson. He later became "ombudsman" in the Swedish Seamans Union and controlled ships under conveniance flags along the swedish coast. I remember he once got a full set of upper teeths in Hong Kong, but one tooth of gold, to...
  8. Gjertrud Bakke, X-mas eve

    We where leaving HongKong x-mas eve 1957 when one of the auxiliary diesels "exploded" and it was nessesary to changes 2 pistons. The 1:st eng., me and my buddy, Modal, worked for 30 houers. When work finished, and the diesel was running again, the 1:st eng. invited us for a coupple of wiskeys...
1-8 of 8 Results