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  1. 19.QM @ low tide.05.2022.jpg

    Returned the following morning: 18.05.2022. Sadly still no-one about. She is sitting much lower this time.
  2. 06.QM.05.2022.jpg

    Queen Mary at high tide(?). Unfortunately I didn't see any activity onboard. 17.05.2022
  3. 03.05.2022.jpg

    Waverley alongside south bank of the Clyde. On the opposite side is the Glasgow Exhibition centre. Extreme right is BBC Scotland.
  4. 01. River Clyde 05.2022.jpg

    Both Waverley and Queen Mary are berthed next to the Glasgow Science Centre. 17.05.2022
  5. 15.QE2.16.05.2022.jpg

    Shipbuilders model at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow.
  6. 18.morning2.17.05.2022.jpg

    On a visit to Glasgow I took the opportunity to visit Waverley and Queen Mary. Activity onboard Waverley prior to her first trips for 2022.
  7. Glasgow

    The title is Broomielaw, Glasgow, and I do suppose that is the name of the nearest vessel - but I am not sure. Whatever, she is properly filled, one is tempted to speak of parsimony when it comes to space accorded each of these passengers. However, it seems to be a special occasion.
  8. Type 26 Glasgow

    It appears the name Glasgow has been selected for the first Type 26 frigate, thus regenerating the 'Town' class. No doubt significant politics will play in the selection, no surprise that Scotland came top. it is my opinion that Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and London will...
  9. PS Waverley

    20th November, 2016 - a cold, grey day and the old paddler is laid up for the winter at her berth at Glasgow's Science Centre.
  10. Port of Glasgow 1960's

    The port of Glasgow seen here in the early 1960's. In the foreground are visible the Prince's and Queen's Docks with their north/south/centre basins. In the background the Harland & Wolff and Fairfield Shipbuilding yards with their graving docks. In 1960 the port of Glasgow had a stock turnover...
  11. Glasgow

    The River Clyde and its bridges at Glasgow
  12. Broompark (III)

    A nice image of the classic, very attractive looking 1959 built 'BROOMPARK' in ice on the St. Lawrence in April 1960, recently picked up on ebay. Print seemed to be a Press photo and there was also a good Kodachrome transparency, but missed out. A very local built ship - by Charles Connell...
  13. G.C.N.S. (soon to be Rtd)

    G.C.N.S.(rtd) as pictured last Wednesday, 23rd July 2014 Of course, now named 'City of Glasgow College' - and note the very large - that is about 50% of it - 'Riverside Campus' replacement going up, due to be completed Summer 2015. With the other city centre building due in Summer 2016, for a...
  14. Port of Glasgow

    Great old aerial cutting of the upper part of Glasgow Harbour featuring the berths nearest the City Centre.
  15. Kerimoana - Pay slip March to September 1938

    A copy of my father's pay slip from the Kerimoana - Sailed as a Fireman on the delivery (maiden) voyage from Glasgow, Scotland to Wellington New Zealand
  16. SD Kerimoana

    Kerimoana in Dry Dock at Newcastle after turning back from an attempt to cross the Tasman from Brisbane to Wellington N.Z. due to severe storm and insufficient coal. Hull being cleaned of weeds
  17. SD Kerimoana

    Launch of the Kerimoana from Ferguson Brothers, Port Glasgow Shipbuilding and Engineering Works, March 1938

    Press Release Photo taken 15 June 1953. Description on the back of the photo First arrivals for the Coronation Naval Review, HMS GLASGOW , flagship of the C-in-C Mediterranean (Admiral the Earl Mountbatten), HMS GAMBIA and HMS MANXMAN
  19. City of Glasgow and the River Clyde

    "I see no Ships" Note the tartan car park at the bottom left of the photo
  20. ST KILDA, Glasgow

    This model has recently been discovered on a recycling skip at a West Highland port! Its name and port of registration are given in the title. Can anyone shed light on the vessel that has been modelled? I presume it represents a 'real' ship, given the care that has been lavished on the model...
1-20 of 24 Results