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  1. Barber Memnon - Overhauling the gear

    Overhauling the gear - trans Pacific, on board the Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, when on the BBS round the world Eastbound service.
  2. Memnon

    The Blue Funnel ship, Memnon, en route U.S. to Brazil, with 4 high containers on deck.
  3. Barber Memnon

    The Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, fully loaded en route Yoko to Los Angeles, when on the Barber Blue Sea round the world service.
  4. Glenalmond, Royal Docks, London

    Glen Line ship Glenalmond berthed in The Royal Docks , London. Sailed on this one as a Middy in 1968 and later in 1977 as 2nd. Mate after she had changed her name to Patroclus, and was under the Dutch flag.
  5. London sunset as seen from Glenalmond

    Sunset at the Royal Docks, London, as seen from the Glen Line ship Glenalmond.
  6. Glenogle

    Glen Line vessel Glenogle at the buoys in Hong Kong. The dreaded containers have become a regular sight on deck by this time.
  7. Centaur

    Blue Funnel ship Centaur working cargo in Singapore. Timber on and frozen carcases off. The passengers and sheep were already landed at this stage !
  8. Elpenor

    Blue Funnel ship Elpenor southbound in the Suez Canal, a few months after the canal had re-opened in June 1975.
  9. Anchises

    Blue Funnel bulker Anchises with a full timber cargo loaded in Finland and Sweden, bound for Alexandria, Egypt.
  10. Antilochus

    Blue Funnel ship Antilochus digging in to a head sea and swell.
  11. Glenlyon

    Glenlyon, homeward bound from the Far East on my first trip to sea, using my first ever camera, on a calm Indian Ocean.
  12. Glenogle Football Team

    The Glenogle football team after playing a match in Singapore in 1976. The team was made up of middies, stewards, ABs, and myself as 2nd.Mate. I can remember thinking that time was marching on after realising that I was the oldest in the team. Recognise anyone?
  13. New Year party

    Taken on the bridge of Glenlyon on New Years eve while in the river at Shanghai. Left to right if I remember correctly is an officer's wife, the First Mate, the Second Engineer, the Mate's wife, possibly the Purser and on the end, the Chief Electrician.
  14. Junior officers relaxing ashore

    A group of us went round the temples just after heavy rain. We thought it more interesting than shopping, a major past time during the day. Night time was a different matter!
  15. Radnorshire

    Laid alongside the north quay in King George V dock, London, which is now part of the London City airport runway. Shot taken from the Flintshire.
  16. Demodocus Middies

    All six Demodocus Middies posing for the photographer before going through the Suez Canal on April 2nd. 1965. A motley crew, but so well-dressed!
  17. Royal Docks, London

    Flintshire entering the locks for the Royal Docks, London. I'm sure there will be someone wearing a bowler hat on the quay checking that we do it right! Radnorshire can be seen alongside inside the dock. The berth that she is on, I believe now is at the end of the City Airport runway.
  18. Taking a sight

    Those were the days ! Sun sights, star sights, planets during the day, moon at night if good horizon (and desperate!). Shot taken on the Flintshire.
  19. Taking a bearing

    Anyone still do this ? Relative bearings, compass errors, amplitudes ? It means going outside ! Shot taken on the Flintshire.
  20. Flintshire at Shimizu, Japan

    Anchored off Shimizu awaiting berth, with Mount Fuji in the background.
1-20 of 32 Results