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glen line

  1. Glenearn


    At the buoys in Hong Kong. Built in 1938, the first of eight of her class. Extensive military service in World War 2. Broken up in 1970.
  2. Flintshire at Manila

    Flintshire at Manila

    Flintshire discharging at Manila, Philippines.
  3. Hong Kong harbour.

    Hong Kong harbour.

    Taken from Flintshire, possibly laid alongside Holts Wharf, looking aft towards The Peak.
  4. Singapore general cargo berths.

    Singapore general cargo berths.

    Photo taken from the Glenlyon showing the busy general cargo berths of Singapore. Note all the Blue Funnel ships further down the quay.
  5. Glenogle


    Sailing from Singapore at sunset. NSMO (Dutch Blue Funnel) vessel Adrastus in the foreground.
  6. Glenlyon


    I took this from another ship off Japan but didn't note the date so cant place what ship I may have been on as she passed us.
  7. Flintshire


    Glen Line ship Flintshire on the River Thames.
  8. Glenfalloch


    Glen Line vessel Glenfalloch approaching Galleons Reach on the Thames, bound for the Royal Dock, London
  9. Radnorshire


    Radnorshire passing the Straits of Malacca in 1970.
  10. Glen Line

    Glen Line

    Glen Line ship in Kobe 1966
  11. Flintshire


    Voyage 1 - January 1962 - boat drill, Red Sea
  12. Heavy Weather!

    Heavy Weather!

    GLENLYON ploughing through some nasty weather in the Indian Ocean. 1974