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  1. Glen Sannox

    Poseidon submarine depot ship from the USN base in the Holy Loch outbound in a rare outing. Potentially alarming as they sailed when the US raised the DEFCON status.
  2. Glen Sannox

    Firm favourite initially on the Ardrossan - Brodick run,seen here approaching Rothesay Pier.
  3. Glen Sannox

    Caledonian Steampacket Co Built 1957 by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co 1,107 gross tons, 256 foot x 46 foot beam, speed @ 17 knots 1,000 passengers and 40 cars
  4. Glen Sannox

    A firm favourite on the Ardrossan- Brodick,Isle of Arran, run for many years,seen here towards the end of her time on the Clyde.
  5. Glen Sannox

    Glen Sannox
  6. The wreck of the Glen Sannox in the Red Sea

    Closer view of the ship from Good Old Google Earth. The measurement stick alongside is shown to confirm the length, and rule out other objects in the area
  7. Glen Sannox, location overview

    Image from Google Earth, showing the location of the wreck of Glen Sannox, in the Red Sea

    Following the withdrawal of QUEEN MARY II, GLEN SANNOX took over the mantle of Clyde excursion vessel for Caledonian Macbrayne sporting natty umbrellas on the car deck aft!. This was taken from the Erskine Bridge in 1978.
  9. Glen Sannox in 2005

    A simple painting describes Glen sannox condition, her front on abyss under the water, and the rear side on the coral.
  10. LOcation

    LOcation of glen sannox 70 KM southe Jeddah in Saudi Arabia
  11. LOcation

    LOcation of glen sannox 70 KM southe Jeddah in Saudi Arabia
  12. Glen Sannox deck

  13. Glen Sannox deck

  14. chain stoppers

  15. chain stoppers

  16. Glen Sannox bow

    the front under the water
1-20 of 23 Results