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    Pictured at Fischerhütte on the Kiel Canal, on 29/08/2009, passing Southbound. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Built in 1999 by Peterswerft, Wewelsfleth, Germany (656), 4,230 g.t. and 6,389 dwt., as:- “Brar Braren” to 1999 and “Timbus” since. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Regards, Rick
  2. 2nd. Mate, Glenbank, '55-ish

    2nd. Mate on the old Glenbank en route Panama-Australia on 53 day trip. He it was, I think, who mentioned to an Aussie docker that fresh water for showering was still being hand pumped and carried from aft by the apprentices every day, resulting in immediate blacking of the vessel on the Aussie...
  3. Apprentice, Bank Line

    Painting, slowly, on the Glenbank in 1953. Hardly believe you could ever finish a ship with brushes let alone keep it going for 30 years. Note temporary absence of white patrol uniform and polished brass telescope
  4. Glenbank

    Glenbank Built: 1924 Harland and Wolff, Govan Laid down as Inveric Tonnage: 5,150grt Owners: Bank Line Ltd 1959: Broken up, Hong Kong.
1-4 of 5 Results