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  1. Glenlyon

    Glenlyon, homeward bound from the Far East on my first trip to sea, using my first ever camera, on a calm Indian Ocean.
  2. The "Old Man" letting in the New Year 1966

    After a party on board, the Captain lets in the New Year on the whistle of the Glenlyon. I now see after a tip from Mike Harrison that the Captain was D. Stewart.
  3. Comrade Taffy

    New Year party on board Glenlyon while in Shanghai.
  4. Singapore general cargo berths.

    Photo taken from the Glenlyon showing the busy general cargo berths of Singapore. Note all the Blue Funnel ships further down the quay.
  5. Blue Funnel

    Taken at Kowloon. Glenlyon is on the left and Tantalus on the right.
  6. Blue Funnel

    Midshipmans project.
  7. Glenlyon

    In possibly Elder Dempster or Ben Line colours at Tilbury on 21st May 1978
  8. Glenlyon

    Wearing Elder Dempster Line colours alongside at Tilbury in May 1976
  9. Glenlyon

    Glenlyon looking great in blue!

    Europe 1960's Jorgen Lonn negative.

    Durban 1970's. Built 1962 for Glen line. 1978 sold and renamed Emerald Express. 1979 Broken up Kaohsiung.

    GLENLYON is seen at Vlissingen in July 1978 awaiting sale - in either Ben Line or Elder Dempster Line colours - can anyone confirm which?
  13. Glenlyon

    1962 11537 grt 544 ft 75 ft 20 kts M
  14. Strathardle (P&O)

    STRATHARDLE (P & O), leaving Singapore in 1974, taken from GLENLYON, awaiting a berth!
  15. Heavy Weather!

    GLENLYON ploughing through some nasty weather in the Indian Ocean. 1974
1-16 of 16 Results