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going aloft
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  1. Aloft and stow!

    Crew of 4-m barque Parma entering the rigging, for a bit of work. This did at the time happen with speed, they're not crawling as on the schoolships of today. The two golden rules was: always use the weather side; that way you are blown into the rigging and not out of it, and always grip the shrouds
  2. Going aloft

    Going aloft on the Invercauld. Possibly to refasten the mainsail, it doesnt look secure. Lifeboat covers are gone, and on the port one the framework as well, but this was small matter. The ship was one of "Milne's smart little Invers" (Lubbock) built by McMillan in 1891 and torpedoed in 19
1-2 of 2 Results