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  1. Gold Leaf

    Info courtesy of Manfred. "Gold Leaf"Monrovia, Topaz Shipping Corp., IMO 6413821 built 1964 by Forges & Ch. de La Mediterranee, La Seyne, GT 4.775, 7.070 tdw., dim. 138,61 x 18,39 x 7,46 m, 7.350 bhp Sulzer engine, 16,75 kn. -73 Qeshet
  2. Gold Stream

    One of 2 or 3 sisters operated by Gold Star Line that was seen in Durban during the late 1980's, Gold Stream was a definite change from the superstructure aft ships we were used to seeing. Any info on Gold Stream (or Gold Leaf) would be appreciated.
1-2 of 2 Results