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    Petromar (Goulandris) tanker GOLDEN EAGLE had discharged grain at IGMA, Amsterdam. She was the very first vessel to unload at this new location. She arrived from Baton Rouge with a cargo of 25,000 tons corn and 5,000 tons soy.
  2. unknown = Golden Eagle

    GOLDEN EAGLE 1956 20668 Petromar (Goulandris)-Lib 2 steam turbines DR geared ti sc shaft. Westinghouse. Blt Mitsubishi B/up Kaohsiungh 24-6-78. Detail from an original with full copyright dated 5-60, hence poor quality.
  3. Golden Eagle

    Sorry folks do not know the date of this picture, in amongst my father in laws pics ... definitely the Golden Eagle of GSNC .. she regularly brought the parents down from Tower bridge to prize day on HMS Worcester until superceded by the Royal Sovereign. Barnsey
1-3 of 3 Results