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  1. Golden-Gate_150kB.jpg

    mv Golden Gate (oil painting on panel 70x50cm)
  2. San Francisco

    The MOL Promise heads out though the Gate on a foggy winter day.
  3. Golden Gate

    From a slide I bought with full copyright. Taken May 1961 in San Francisco Bay. GOLDEN GATE 1948 6907 tgr Johnson Line bldr Kockums Malmo 72 Anhwei b/up Kaohsiung 21-6-73 for Hasse
  4. Golden Gate

    An APL container ship inbound under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  5. Racing For The Golden Gate

    Oriana was forbiddan from racing for the "Golden Gate" after this occassion as her speed in excess of 27 knots caused all the local boats to drag their moorings in the harbour!!!
1-5 of 5 Results