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  1. Golden Hind.

    Replica of Drake's sailing ship at Brixham.
  2. Romance of the sea

    From when there were lots of unknown coasts.
  3. Golden Hind

    Gun deck on the replica Golden Hind.
  4. Golden Hind

    A cabin in the replica Golden Hind.
  5. Golden Hind

    A model of the Golden Hind firing a salute in Plymouth harbour in 1936. Originally named Pelican, she was Drake's flagship on his cir***navigation in 1577-1581. She carried eight guns, and had a complement of over eighty. The yards at that time were lowered to the deck, respectively to the...
  6. Golden Hind

    The Golden Hind, moored at Fishermans Warf, San Francisco. I took this photo in 1974/5 while I was sailing on the Royal Viking Star. Frank
  7. Golden Hind

    This is a replica of Sir Francis Drakes ship Golden Hind. In the 1970's she was normally moored at Fishermans Warf in San Francisco. The ship was also used in the Movie industry, here she was being towed back to Frisco from Mexico, were she had been used in a film, we passed her while we were on...
1-7 of 7 Results