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  1. Goliath

    Goliath South Wharf, Melbourne 16 November 2016 Cement carrier.
  2. Goliath

    Goliath - Poole
  3. Goliath

    Inward bound at Melbourne. A regular caller at Melbourne for many years.

    Bulk cement carrier, an old timer around the Port of Melbourne. Outward on another voyage
  5. Goliath

    Goliath and unknown vessel at South Wharf,Melbourne.Taken from Tampa weather deck.
  6. Goliath

  7. Goliath

  8. Goliath

    A sudo high dynamic range image of the cement carrier, Goliath. Loading cement at DP1W, Devonport, Australia for Melbourne, Australia some 450km away. Vessel type: Cement Carrier Gross tonnage: 11,754 tons Summer DWT: 15,539 tons Length: 143 m Beam: 24 m Draught: 8.5 m

    Impressive structure. Malky
  10. Goliath update (5)

    One for the older ex-apprentice tiffies as Goliath looks over M.O.D. Caledonia, better known until a couple of months ago as H.M.S. Caledonia to Dunfermline and beyond.
  11. Goliath update (4)

    Goliath with H.M.S. Illustrious at Rosyth.
  12. Goliath update(2).

    The Aircraft Carrier Alliance crane Goliath still sitting on the deck of the Zhen Hua 13 but the first of the cross members is being erected on top of the jacking towers today. I would suspect that there could be the possibility of a big alignment problem at the height they are and sitting on...
  13. Goliath update

    The slender crawler crane sitting on the edge of the main basin in Rosyth is being used to erect the upper sections of the jacking frames on the deck of the Zhen Hua 13. They will lift the gantry to a height where the lower legs can be fitted below it. Three WWII barrage balloon anchorages can...
  14. Goliath crane.

    Not quite a Royal Navy ship but thought it may be of most interest on this gallery. Seen at the end of 16000 mile voyage from China to Rosyth where the biggest crane in the U.K. will be used to build the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.
  15. Goliath

    Photo taken from Orion in 1952 not sure what port the following black & white photo's all have been taken by the late Derick Burt the negitives have been scanned and these are the results, no names of places or ports.
  16. Goliath

    IMO: 9036430 Shot taken on: 04/03/07 Early evening arrival as she enters the Mersey River in Devonport in Northern Tasmania, Australia

    Cement Carrier GOLIATH Port Jackson 18/11/06
  18. Goliath

    Goliath arriving Devonport, Australia on December 13, 2004. Photograph taken from Spirit of Tasmania I.
  19. Goliath

  20. Goliath

    Seen here berthed in Devonport in North Western Tasmania, Australia loading Cement for Mainland Australia
1-20 of 28 Results