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  1. Good Hope Castle

    Union Castle Line - Built 1965, 10,338 gross tons, 593 foot x 77 foot
  2. Good Hope Castle

    Leaving Durban 1975
  3. good hope casle

    for rms this is the postcard of good hope castle sailing from cape town.
  4. looking aft good hope castle

    english channel photo taken on 12th.sept.1971.

    Ahoy, Card describtion; Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company R.M.S. Good Hope Castle[1965-1978]10.538 Tons[grt] The R.M.S.Good Hope Castle photo taken by I.Shiffman when leaving Cape Town
  6. Joe Fenwick Steve Renfree

    On Good Hope Castle in PE 1971. Joe Fenwick had the job weighed off he was "King of the boatdeck and Emperor of the monkey island". Steve is a DEFRA officer now and is my daughters godfather.
1-6 of 6 Results