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    Nice view of the GORCH FOCK of 1958.

    Fine shot of the German GORCH FOCK in New York.

  4. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock - Pollock Dock, Belfast
  5. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock - Pollock Basin, Belfast
  6. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock displayed in foyer entrance to Hamburg Maritime Museum. Tks to SN members for replies/info :o)
  7. SDK Spain

    Departing Shoreham Harbour, 24/11/2010 IMO number: 8602000, Call Sign: OYES2, MMSI: 220394000, Gross tonnage: 1525, DWT: 1506, Type of ship: General Cargo Ship, Year of build: 1986, Flag: Denmark. Ex: Gorch Fock, 1999 – RMS Scotia, 2000 – Gorch Fock, 2005 – Sea Box, 2009 – SDK Spain
  8. Gorch Fock

    Alongside in Aberdeen

    Spain 1977 Built 1958 by Blohm & Voss,Hamburg Commissioned 17-12-1958 Pennant number A-60 Classified as Type 441 sail training ship by German Navy 1819 tons 10 knots under power, 15 knots plus under sail. Has travelled up to 260 nautical miles in a day.
  10. Gorch Fock

    Gork Fock with her crew getting ready to set the sails. Unfortunately she hugged the County Antrim side of the lough which has a predominately white shore line and was a long way off before this was taken. Clochan Oil Jetty in the background. Monday 13Th. April
  11. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock - Pollock Dock 7 Belfast April 2009
  12. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock - Pollock Dock 7 Belfast April 2009
  13. Gorch Fock

    Gorch Fock - Pollock Dock Belfast April 2009
  14. Gorch Fock

    GORCH FOCK 1958 1499 tgr -TS-Ger At Hamburg
  15. Silly picture

    Took this picture off Rostock in 1991. The ship is the Gorch Fock, training ship of the German Navy waiting for a collective motorized sailparade to begin. The blimp flew around all day, making publicity for 'United Insurance.' I waited till it was just above the ship and pushed the shutter...
  16. Gorch Fock

    The German Sailing Ship Gorch Fock in the Gulf of St Lawrence
  17. Gorch Fock (1)

    She has a swastika in her flag.
  18. Gorch Fock

    Aberdeen, some time in the 1980s.
  19. Gorch Fock

    The Gorch Fock from 1933, sailed after WW II as Tovarishch, now laid up at Stralsund, Baltic Sea and renamed. Intention to let her sail again, but still needs repair
1-20 of 20 Results