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  1. Range finder from Graf Spee

    Range finder from the Graf Spee
  2. ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE fitting out

    Control tower being installed on the German pocket battleship.

    Under construction.
  4. Graf Spee rangefinder

    Graf Spee rangefinder displayed at Montevideo harbour - The optics are all damaged. The location is next to the Graf Spee memorial and there are a number of maritime artefacts of local interest forming what is effectively an open air 'museum'. For details see...
  5. Graf Spee

    No description needed
  6. ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE building

    After turret fitted at Wilhelmshaven.
  7. Graf Spee

    Graf Spee anchor memorial - Port of Montevideo
  8. Preserved tug at Montevideo

    It took my attention at the time, and I have allways thought she was connected with the Graf Spee incident. Now I wonder she could be the little vessel alongside the panzershiff that appears in this photograph...

    Under way at speed.
  10. Graf Spee

    At rest with boats out.
  11. GRAF SPEE- a devastating outcome

    GRAF SPEE burning following her scuttling 70 years ago on December 17 1939 when forced to sail from Montevideo or be interned.
  12. GRAF SPEE- aftermath

    Another view of the wreck. Although time has taken its toll, I think parts can still be seen even today in certain tidal conditions.
  13. GRAF SPEE- a deadly warning

    13th December 2009 is as far as I can make out the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second World War South Atlantic Naval Action which came to be known as the Battle of the River Plate. This photo taken on board GRAF SPEE shows the dire warning to merchant ships encountered. I don't think...

    At large in the South Atlantic about this period in 1939 was the German pocket battleship. She still had to make her first kill.
  15. Graf Spee

    Overall view of the grave plot of Hans Langsdorff at Chacarita cemetery, Buenos Aires.
  16. graf spee

    graf spee
1-20 of 26 Results