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  1. Youngster makes 3rd mate

    I was 20 (but look about 14 years of age) in this photo taken on board Graigwerdd in 1968
  2. Great Wall of China

    Pictured L to R - Ch Stwd, R/O, 2 apprentices (crew off Graigwerdd) Had the pleasure(?) of visiting The Peoples Republic of China 3 times in 1968 (Chinwangtao(2) and Hsinkang) loaded with grain from Australia. Each visit was more or less the same - a week at anchor, then alongside for 2 to 3...
  3. Something for tea

    Shark fishing whilst undergoing engine repairs in mid Indian Ocean. Caught on a hook attached to a heaving line. Cook (on the right- keeping his distance!) looks like he's wondering if there's enough there to make shark fin soup. Ship - Graigwerdd, year - 1969.
1-3 of 3 Results