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  1. GRAVESEND 1914

    Photo taken from aboard the Dutch ship SINDORO on passage from the Netherlands to the Dutch East Indies. Tug HOLLAND of the Port of London Authority in assistance.
  2. Gravesend

    Gravesend, October 5, 1968. Rebena Stade and SUN XXV (tug) in photo.
  3. Tugs at Gravesend

    Photo taken from GSNC's Royal Sovereign en route to tower pier (brilliant experience).
  4. Kenia

    Watkin's tug Kenia at Gravesend.
  5. Gravesend

    Waiting for the last Gravesend to Tilbury ferry. taken on the walkway to gravesend Pier, on the 28th Sept 2011

    From my great uncle's collection
  7. Donga

    Elder Dempster Line MV Donga built 1960, gross tonnage 8986. Sailing down the River Thames off Gravesend circa 1978.
  8. Avenger

    Alexandra Towings motor tug Avenger is seen here passing down the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978. Built in 1962 and grossing 300 tons it carries firefighting equipment.
  9. Sauria

    Alexandra Towing tug Sauria off Gravesend circa 1978
  10. La Ensenada

    La Ensenada photographed in the River Thames off Gravesend, circa 1978.
  11. Veejumbo

    The MV Veejumbo formerly the Degema of Elder Dempster Lines passes down thew River Thames at Northfleet / Gravesend circa 1978. This ship was built in 1959 and had a gross tonnage of 5636.
  12. Almetjevsk

    Russian cargo vessel Almetjevsk seen on the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978.
  13. Dana Anglia

    The Dana Anglia passes Tilbury Landing Stage whilst passing up the River Thames circa 1978.
  14. HMS Worcester with Calypso behind

    passing Gravesend on the River Thames circa 1978.
  15. Sirocco

    Tanker Sirocco seen passing along the River Thames at Gravesend, circa 1978. Owner unknown. Details unknown.
  16. Texaco Oslo

    Texaco Oslo passing along the River Thames at Gravesend circa 1978. Built 1960, gross tonnage 12884.
  17. River Ethiope

    River Ethiope belonging to Nigerian National Shipping Line Ltd. Seen in the late 1970s passing along the Thames at Gravesend probably heading for a berth at Tilbury Docks. Built 1969 with a gross tonnage of 7827.
  18. Major Sucharski

    Seen on the River Thames at Gravesend in the late 1970s. I have no idea as to the country of origin.
  19. Doulos

    The only information written on this slide is Doulos, Valletta. I know nothing more about this ship which was photographed in the River Thames at Gravesend probably in the late 1970s.
  20. Burma

    Alexandra Towing's Burma photographed on the River Thames at Gravesend. Date unknown. Built 1966. Gross Tonnage 165.
1-20 of 36 Results