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  1. Gravesend Sea School

    Showing the old sea school jetty and associated davits.
  2. Gravesend sea school

    Gravesend sea school
  3. Gravesend Sea School

    The Flying Angel Club at Gravesend Sea School, April 1971. Many happy times in this place.
  4. Gravesend Sea School

    The Bamboo Room at Gravesend Sea School.
  5. Gravesend Sea School

    Another picture of the school, I think is taken from the road than ran out of the front of the school.
  6. Gravesend Sea School

    Another view of the school from the playing fields.
  7. Gravesend Sea School

    The lifeboats at Gravesend Sea School.
  8. Gravesend Sea School

    Some of the lads from my dorm, April 1971 intake. Where are you all now?
  9. Gravesend Sea School

    One of my fellow students - JOCK - wonder where you are now..
  10. Gravesend Sea School

    Where it all began for a lot of us - my dorm was 8th window from left top floor. April, 1971.
  11. Gravesend Sea School Days

    Kitted out and ready to hit the flying angel club!!!
  12. Gravesend Sea School

    Looking towards the school with the bridge on the top floor.
  13. Gravesend Sea School

    Part of the school and swimming pool at Gravesend Sea School.
  14. Gravesend Sea School

    Myself at Gravesend Sea School, May, 1971. Glad it was only a little guy sleeping on the top bunk!!!!!!!
  15. Gravesend Sea School "X" Class 1973

    Back row ,Left to right : Taylor, Robert Goddard from Sussex,, X18223 ( Me ), David Price from Swindon, Keith Stirland from Grimsby, Eugene Dubens from Clydach, Roy Halkyard from Manchester , 'Abdul' McEvoy from Birkenhead, Kelly from Belfast, Peter Flude from North London. Front row , left...
  16. Gravesend Sea School

    all that remains of the old sea school at Gravesend, the more recent building is occupied by the Met Police Public Order Department....taken 29.03.2006
1-16 of 17 Results