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  1. Megan docked at Rhodes.JPG

    The yacht Megan docked at Rhodes, Greece. Apologies for the blemishes on the photo - I'll have those cleared in future uploads.
  2. Rhodes, Greece

    Harbor, Rhodes, Greece.
  3. Rhodes, Greece

    Entering harbor, Rhodes, Greece.
  4. Minerva Helen in the Gulf of Athens

    Minerva Helen approaching Piraeus.
  5. Piraeus, Greece

    Ro-Ro ferries in Piraeus, Greece, on 12 Sep 2007. Red Ensign of OCEAN VILLAGE in the foreground.

  7. Morning scene at Piraeus 1987

    Ferries departing Athens/Piraeus heading for the Agean Islands in the morning hours. Next stop is the Cyclades some 6 hours eastwards. This scene is captured from the deck of the Naxos. Can anyone identify the trailing vessel?
  8. Blue Star 1

    As seen in Piraeus in summer of 2010 from the stern of the Navigator of the Seas
  9. Flying Dolphin - Zeus

    Outbound in the Gulf of Athens. These vessels have been around for a number of years, but they never seem to be out of style.
  10. Mrs Norm on bridge wing of Saronic Star

    Cruising in the saronic Gulf, Greece.
  11. Saronic Star wheelhouse.

    Saronic Star out of Pireaus
  12. Saronic Star

    Saronic Star day cruiser out of Pireaus in the Saronic Gulf..Greece
1-20 of 35 Results