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  1. Axaios

    Axaios, ferry between Corfu and the Greek mainland.
  2. Degiannis

    Greek Navy fast attack craft / missile boat P26 Degiannis, on UN duties in Limassol.

    10/11/74.One of the largest ships to be launched from a slip-way
  4. Corfu, Greek

    Corfu, Greek, 1959. The picture shown Jadrolinija's ferry Jedinstvo.
  5. Greek ship - which one? = Patricia U

    Struggling with this - looks like ''Pat------ but just can't make it out. Also vague on date photographed - between 1978-1982 Thames area Greek flag - Name? Anyone?
  6. unknown = FLORA II

    Unknown greek vessel in Hong Kong 1976
  7. Costis

    Liverpool, March 1975
  8. Georgios Lentoudis

    Liverpool, May 1975
1-9 of 10 Results