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  1. Greenock.

    View downriver from the Garvel Basin.
  2. James Watt Dock,Greenock.

    Calm winter scene with new build fitting out, FPV Minna and a newly disposed of Waverley.
  3. GREENOCK 1939

    Accompanying text (translated from German): "Germany's long-range spotters prove it: England no longer an island. Day by day, German long-range spotters enlighten the whole of England and closely monitor the measures and movements of the enemy. All important strategic points are photographed by
  4. Greenock Ocean Terminal

    Blue Star reefer passing upriver with the Second Snark on the RHS
  5. Great Harbour,Greenock

    Apologies for poor quality of the image. Spa, Spalake, Accord. Freshspring?and a LCT
  6. James Watt Dock,Greenock

    A busy JWD after WW11 with Clan Brodie, ex HMS Athene ,still in her Admiralty camouflage scheme from her days as an aircraft transport.J G Kincaid,s engine shop in the background with Scotts, and Greenock dockyard shipbuilding cranes to the back right
  7. Unknown

    At Greenock early 1989. Customs house in background
  8. Clyde Pilot No. 3

    Clyde Pilot No. 3 at Greenock 1989
  9. Customs House Greenock

    Detail over entrance door.
  10. pharos

    taken when she was docked at greenock,taken 2007
  11. GTV Euroliner

    More gas !
  12. greenock 1954

    looks much nicer now the condos are in place along with the fairweather boats and palm trees
1-16 of 16 Results