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  1. Maersk Mariner Cromarty Firth

    Mobilising a Semi-Sub from Cromarty Firth Mar/april 2000. Job was delayed due to Greenpeace activists attaching themselves to Rig
  2. Greenpeace - ex Elbe

    Greenpeace arrives at Newhaven, November 1990, for fuel and stores. Originally built in 1959 as the Elbe for L Smit & Co (that's why I put her in 'Tugs'!) she then saw service as a pilot cutter in the US, as Maryland. Now owned by a preservation group in Holland, being put back to her...
  3. Greenpeace

    Ex: Elbe now known as: Elbe again. Seen here berthed at Macquarie Wharf no 1 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in the days where she was chasing the Japanese Whaling Fleet. She is now under going restoration in Europe back to her orginal appearence and after a couple of accidental sinkings in port.
1-3 of 3 Results