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  1. Cabo San Roque

    Cabo San Roque arriving at Greenwich. She and her sister, Cabo San Vicente, were such elegant-looking liners.
  2. Viking Star

    The brand new Viking Line cruise ship, Viking Star on her 'maiden Call' at Greenwich, London. She was on her way to Bergen for her naming ceremony. While there has been a lot of hype regarding the ship I have to admit that, while it was a lovely day for taking photographs, she let me totally...
  3. The Painted Hall

    Previous posts referring to the Painted Hall, Royal Naval College, Greenwich appear in several categories, including this one (which seems as appropriate as any). A search of SN failed to come up with any picture giving a comprehensive view of this amazing Hall, so I thought I'd post one. In...
  4. Europa at Greenwich on 21 June 2008

    The most highly-rated cruise ship in the world, Europa. I took this photo just before I went on board for lunch. Yes, it was all very nice but I still preferred the 1953-built Europa ex Kungsholm. The photo was taken on mid-summers day but it looked and felt like winter!
  5. greenwich1

    Greenwich shown here as a submarine depot ship WW1
  6. RFA Tidespring, London, 1990

    Oiler RFA Tidespring on a visit to Greenwich, London in 1990, shortly before decommissioning in 1991. Towed to India and broken up.
  7. The Thames at Greenwich.

    Took this photograph in 84 I believe, visiting Cutty Sark and NMM. Not that long ago to me, but perhaps things still have changed around this part of the Thames?
  8. A pleasant stroll on a summers evening

    Greenwich,,,,,taken 7.30pm 15.07.2006
  9. Painted Hall Greenwich

    Part of the ceiling of the painted hall at the Greenwich naval is breathtaking and also free to view....26.06.2005
1-11 of 11 Results