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  1. RFA Grey Rover

    Entering Portsmouth
  2. Grey Rover

    Yesterday’s little 'adventure' (goes with the local weather) Grey Rover punching on. W/C 15” X 11” Jim
  3. Grey Rover

    Not much in the way of ceremony as the oiler Grey Rover is launched at the Hawthorn-Leslie Yard at Hebburn 17 April 1969.
  4. Grey Rover

    Photographed at Portsmouth on 26 July 1984, the training vessel Foudroyant and the laid up cruiser Tiger in the background. GREY ROVER Class: ROVER CLASS Small Fleet Tanker Pennant No: A269 Laid down...
  5. RFA Grey Rover

    RAS with QE2 May 1982
  6. Grey Rover

    Ex RFA Grey Rover being towed out of Portsmouth by tug Braveheart this afternoon. En route to Liverpool
  7. RFA Grey Rover

    Sea King launching from RFA Grey Rover 1985
  8. RFA Grey Rover bridge team

    Norway 1984
  9. RFA Grey Rover

    In heavy weather. North Atlantic. Feb 1984
  10. Grey Rover

    Grey Rover approaching Portland Bill (whoever he was) at te end of a FOST day 1971
  11. RFA Grey Rover

    North Atlantic Oct '85
  12. BOGOF

    Portsmouth 28 September 2006. In the front row Chilean 05 Almirante Cochrane ex Norfolk. 2nd row, RFA Sir Tristram and Invincible to the left. 3rd row, RFA Grey Rover. 4th row, RFA Sir Galahad.
  13. RFA Grey Rover

    Company dropping in.
  14. RFA Grey Rover

    RAF Puma landing on RFA Grey Rover. Off Belize 1984
  15. RFA Grey Rover

    Sea King transferring personnel to RFA Grey Rover 1986.
  16. RFA Grey Rover

    Commemorative tumbler presented to guests at the Decommissioning Party. March 15th. It didn't remain empty long !
  17. RFA Grey Rover

    Capt Tony McNally cutting the decommissioning cake. Portsmouth March 15th
  18. RFA Grey Rover

    Five previous and present Captain. l - r Chris Smith, Joe Gaffery, Sid Kempton, Shaun Jones, Phil Roberts and Tony McNally. Portsmouth March 15th
  19. RFA Grey Rover

    Being escorted into Portsmouth for the last time. Wed March 15t 2006
  20. RFA Grey Rovere

    North Atlantic 1984
1-20 of 25 Results