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  1. Ship Research
    I'm doing research on what life was like on Grimsby and Hull trawlers in the 1970s. How many meals a day did the crew eat? I've seen some websites say it was two, and other three. Which is it? Also, what time would these meals be? I've read that the men simply ate when they could and weren't...
  2. Maritime Family History Research
    Hi all, Does anyone have any information on the Grimsby Trawler Valentia, especially relating to her skipper, Samuel Charles Kennington (a distant relative of my good lady wife) and his winning of the Distinguished Service Cross in 1917? I Have his medal card and service record from the NA...
  3. Ship Research
    I'm researching the Ross Tiger/ sidewinder trawlers like it in the 1960s-70s and am trying to figure out how many crew it would usually take on a trip and what roles those crew members had. I've found some websites that say 12 and some that say 20 men. Which one is accurate? The positions on...
  4. Ernest Holt and Cirolana

    Ernest Holt and Cirolana

    Changing of the Guard July 1970. Freshly delivered from Ferguson's yard on the Clyde, RV Cirolana, with a short lived white hull, moored astern of her predecessor Ernest Holt, on the Coal Quay, in the Royal Dock Grimsby.
  5. Port of Grimsby

    Port of Grimsby

    The port of Grimsby seen here in the early 1950's. The trawlers on the picture are S.T. Peken/GY 354 of Grimsby (228 grt/1908) and S.T. Conway/GY 1288 of Grimsby (228 grt/1904), both built by Cochrane and Sons Shipbuilders, Ltd. at Selby plus an unidentified small harbour tug. Maybe anyone had some
  6. HH 311 Hermann Krone

    HH 311 Hermann Krone

  7. Grimsby Fishermen Tommy Harper

    Grimsby Fishermen Tommy Harper

    Grimsby Fishermen
  8. Grimsby trawler

    Grimsby trawler

    Strandet somewhere on the Faeroes, but where? Homeport Grimsby, Name seems about two letters longer, but who?
  9. Grimsby


    Grimsby. DFDS ship unloading eggs and butter in the 1920'ies. Time for a smoke while the tallyman gets ajour?
  10. Ross Tiger

    Ross Tiger

    In Alexandra Dock (South), Grimsby. Attached to the fishing heritage centre
  11. White Horse

    White Horse

    White Horse seen in Buckie, 22nd April 2007. It's a danish built vessel (1948), originally an anchor seiner from Grimsby named GY 557 "Orlik".
  12. Jubilee Intrepid GY6

    Jubilee Intrepid GY6

    Jubilee Intrepid GY6 alongside the fishmarket at Grimsby 14/2/07. Built 1988 by Forbes of Sandhaven and apparently recently engaged on guard duty.
  13. Genesis BCK19

    Genesis BCK19

    Genesis BCK19 alongside Grimsby fishmarket 14/2/07. Built in Norway in 1977, 35.7 metres in length, she is a longliner.
  14. Patricia III  SZN72  Szczecin, Poland

    Patricia III SZN72 Szczecin, Poland

    Stern trawler Patricia III from Szczecin, Poland alongside the north wall Grimsby on 14/2/07.
  15. Ocean Danger, Grimsby

    Ocean Danger, Grimsby

    Converted beam trawler Ocean Danger, Panama, at Grimsby 14/2/07. Probably built during the sixties in Holland and now apparently a diving support vessel.