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    WALTER IMO 5385613 1954 completed by Rickmers Werft, Bremerhavem for Karl Gross, Bremen 4.389GRT,, 6.620tdw, 3.000bhp 2SA 6Cy. Bremer Vulkan/MAN, 14kn In charter for Atlas Levante-Linie, Bremen I don't know details about her fate, but in 1980 she stranded at Nouakchott after...
  2. ERIKA

    ERIKA IMO 1957 completed by A.G. Weser, Werk Seebeck, Bremerhaven for Karl Gross, Bremen 3.191GRT, 4.940tdw, 2x1.250bhp 4SA Deutz Diesel, geared to sc. shaft, 13kn Sister ships: ADRIA (1956), SYRTE (1956), PHÖNIZIEN (1957) (all owned by Atlas Levante-Linie A.G., Bremen and employed in...
1-2 of 3 Results