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    WALTER IMO 5385613 1954 completed by Rickmers Werft, Bremerhavem for Karl Gross, Bremen 4.389GRT,, 6.620tdw, 3.000bhp 2SA 6Cy. Bremer Vulkan/MAN, 14kn In charter for Atlas Levante-Linie, Bremen I don't know details about her fate, but in 1980 she stranded at Nouakchott after being disabled by a
  2. ERIKA

    ERIKA IMO 1957 completed by A.G. Weser, Werk Seebeck, Bremerhaven for Karl Gross, Bremen 3.191GRT, 4.940tdw, 2x1.250bhp 4SA Deutz Diesel, geared to sc. shaft, 13kn Sister ships: ADRIA (1956), SYRTE (1956), PHÖNIZIEN (1957) (all owned by Atlas Levante-Linie A.G., Bremen and employed in the service
1-2 of 3 Results