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  1. Grosvenor Mariner

    Completed by Harland & Wolff in 1944as Empire Rangoon, and seen in Rangoon as the Grosvenor Mariner she had also traded as Reardon Smith's Homer City until 1960 when bought by Moller Line's Grosvenor Shipping Company. Mollers sold her in 1966 to Chinese owners Yick Fung who renamed her Red Sea...
  2. Grosvenor Mariner

    The "Grosvenor Mariner" at Rangoon in 1965, a photo more interesting for the local craft of which the larger was the local water boat. This was an appropriate place to see the "Grosvenor Mariner" as she was built as the "Empire Rangoon" in 1944. Registered in London she was owned by Grosvenor...
1-2 of 2 Results