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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Hi! I’m looking for anyone who knew my dad Ian Rowlands, on any of the ships like the Drupa, Halia, Partula or the Limatula! I’m his daughter and I’m hoping to find maybe some pictures or anything from that time. He lost his when my grandad (his dad) died a couple of years ago. He was on these...
  2. Halia at anchor in Torbay.

    Part of the scenery in Torbay where she lay at anchor to wait for the next lightening operation in Lyme Bay.
  3. Shell Tanker Halia in Pedro Miguel Locks south bound

    Taken with a Kodak Box Camera during a tropical downpour. Wet season Panama Canal
  4. Halia

  5. Chanchal Prem

    In Gibraltar on the 29th October. Daniel
  6. Halia

    The Shell tanker "Halia", at the mouth of Larne Lough, for Ballylumford p.s. early 80's. Halia, built 1959, 11910 grt., a lovely old girl.
  7. Halia

    The "Halia" loading at Abadan. Completed by Hawthorn, Leslie in 1957 she had a long career, not arriving at San Esteban de Pavia to be broken up until 28 August 1985.
  8. Halia

    Shell tanker Halia, built 1958, 11910 grt, leaving Larne Lough early 80's.
  9. Halia

    Shell 'H' class "Halia" loading at Abadan. Completed by Hawthorne Leslie in 1957 she arrived at San Esteban de Praviam where-ever that might be, on 28 August 1985 to be broken up.
  10. Halia

    Shell tanker, North Sea Oct. 1977
  11. Halia disappearing

    Halia and Latirus 1974
  12. Latirus & Halia

    Latirus maiden voyage, Halia bunkering.
  13. Halia & Opalia

    Halia on lightening duty
  14. HALIA

    Ahoy, Here seen the Shell Tanker Halia, piccie taken in 1975 at Rotterdam area. Built in 1958 for Tanker Finance Ltd.[Shell Tankers[U.K.]Ltd.-London11.910 Tons
  15. The fo'c's'le head on the " Halia"

    Yours truly posing as we slow steam to make fast to the " Universe Leader" at Lynas in 1977.
  16. Halia

    Halia, built 1958 by Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn. . 19,480 dwt. Lightening the "Olympic Athlete ". 1969. 219,963 dwt. in Lyme Bay 11/05/1977.
1-16 of 16 Results