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  1. Halifax

    The Port of Halifax 1970's; Postcard
  2. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen tied up to Pier 21 at Halifax in the summer of 1949.
  3. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen from the air while docked at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the summer of 1949.
  4. Sailing in Arctic waters V

    Polar Star in the ice.
  5. Polar Star at 78 N

    Cruiseship Polar Star, former ice breaker Njord at at Kap Ameli in Notrheast Greenland.
  6. Halifax NS

    Me and a nautical legend in Halifax. This place oozes ships, and everything nautical. The city even got blown up by a ship, but still welcomes them. A wonderful Canadian port.
  7. Empress of Canada

    The Empress of Canada is seen at Halifax Nova Scotia in the late 1930’s. This photo was used by the Balitmore Sun to report the vessle's loss to an Italian Submarine in March, 1943. The ship was sunk with a loss of nealy 400 lives.
  8. Aquitania

    A close-up view of the bridge front of Aquitania taken in June, 1946, as the ship brings home members of Canada’s North Nova Scotia Highlanders.
  9. Aquitania

    Another close-up view of Aquitania’s bridge and foredeck taken in March, 1946, as the ship brings her first load of War Brides into Halifax.
  10. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen at Halifax Nova Scotia during repatriation service in October, 1919. Notice the ships’ forepeak is still painted white.
  11. Aquitania

    In this close-up view, Aquitania is again seen completing her first war-brides voyage into Halifax. This picture was taken on the port side amidships and it shows the large number of women and their children, who were coming to Canada to start their new life.
  12. Aquitania

    Aquitania arrives in Halifax dressed overall to mark the occasion of her first war-brides voyage from Europe. The ship carried about 5000 war brides and their children as shown in this picture taken on March 2nd, 1946.
  13. Aquitania

    Stern view of Aquitania arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in January, 1949.
  14. Aquitania

    Aquitania arrives in the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia in January, 1949.
  15. Icebreaker escorting a convoy in the North Atlantic.

    This picture was taken by my friend, who lives on Prince Edward Island. These vessels are out of Halifax, NS. I was caught in a similar situation, in February 1972, when my ship, MV La Sierra, a Buries Markes ore carrier, was caught in ice, on our way to Sept Iles. We also had to retreat to...
  16. Virginia

    Virginia alongside in Halifax, N.S....also spars of the Pride of Baltimore II.
  17. The Narrows,Halifax

    The Narrows,Halifax looking South East toward the Eastern Passage with Pier 9 and the Halifax Shipyards,HMC Dockyard on the right as viewd from the MacKay (Narrows) bridge.Vessel in the floating dock is Arctic Class icebreaker CCGS Louis S St Laurent,Canada's largest breaker.
  18. Fairview Cove terminal,Bedford Basin,Halifax

    Fairview Cove terminal,Bedford Basin,Halifax wih container vessels LONDON EXPRESS and THAILAND EXPRESS alongside.Photographed on 23rd May 2011. Fairview Cove is located in the South West corner of the Basin and is one of two container terminals at Halifax. The Basin is a large protected...
  19. Fairview Cove Terminal,Halifax

    Fairview Cove Terminal,Halifax,Nova Scotia 10th December 2010.The terminal is located in the South West corner of the Bedford Basin.Vessels must transit the main harbour and the Narrows passing under two major suspension bridges to reach this facility.
1-19 of 26 Results