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  1. Maughers Beach Light,Halifax,NS

    Maughers Beach Light,Halifax,NS

    Where in the World? Clue No 1: Once known as 'Hangman's Beach'. Answer:Maughers Beach Light,Halifax,NS. Well done awateah2. View from helo looking to NorWest with Point Pleasant and the Northwest Arm beyond.
  2. The Narrows,Halifax,Nova Scotia

    The Narrows,Halifax,Nova Scotia

    View of the Narrows photographed from the McKay bridge looking South East toward Dartmouth Cove,Halifax Harbour. The area on the right (floating dock) is the approximate location of the 1917 (S.S. Mont Blanc) explosion,which until Hiroshima was the largest man-made explosion. The jack-up rig is Rowa
  3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Liners at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Apologies for heavily-pixelated photo.
  4. Halifax Harbor from Dartmouth

    Halifax Harbor from Dartmouth

    From a late 19C Album - Marvels of America. Caption reads: OUR picture presents a view of the fine roadstead of Halifax Harbor, the chief naval station of Britain in the New World. The fortified island in the distance is St. George's Island, and on the upper right of the picture is the city of Halif
  5. Halifax


    - in Lock 3 of the Welland Canal in an upbound voyage, 12-3-04, cabins