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  1. Adventure of the Seas, Viking Star, Celebrity Summit, Zenith

    Adventure of the Seas, Viking Star, Celebrity Summit, Zenith

    Adventure OTS PS1, Viking Star PS2, Celebrity Summit Berth 3&4 and Zenith Berth 5
  2. Kowloon?


    This is a scanned slide from the Lilburn collection which I now hold. Unfortunately the condition of these slides has deteriorated considerably and this is actually one of the better scanned images. Do you know which harbour it is. The slide was dated c.1963
  3. Falmouth


  4. Independent


    Here in Shoreham Harbour alongside Panney's Wharf. Another Kielder sister ship. Previous name Duobulk.
  5. Falmouth Harbour

    Falmouth Harbour

    27-11-2009 Falmouth
  6. Falmouth Harbour

    Falmouth Harbour

    26-11-2009 Falmouth Harbour, harbour entrance and harbour craft
  7. Tugs


    25-11-2009 Busy Falmouth Harbour Shiloh - the black one Ankorva - red one missed the name of small one, sorry
  8. Pasajes Harbour entrance

    Pasajes Harbour entrance

    Here It is one more picture of Pasajes Harbour entrance. In some conditions it is difficult to get in. In bed weather harbour entrance is closed for navigation dye to high swell. Resonable anchorage is close to the rocks, anchors are often not holding properly. Anchoring in bed weather or waiting on
  9. Edith Maersk

    Edith Maersk

    Edith Maers is entering Rotterdam
  10. Gdynia


    Gdynia Harbour, Marina, building on the left Maritime Academy - Department of Navigation, next to the right Aquarium. On the horizon line Hel Peninsula
  11. City of Chichester

    City of Chichester

    City of Chichester departing from Shoreham Harbour - in the Canal
  12. Cemvale


    Cemvale - Limassol left Blyth Harbour on 09-01-2009
  13. Blyth Harbour

    Blyth Harbour

    Yeoman Forester in Blyth Harbour on 08-01-2009
  14. Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat

    Tyne Lifeboat in action, towing fishermans to the safe Blyth Harbour.
  15. Bass Rock

    Bass Rock

    Firth of Forth - Bass Rock is the eastern limit of the Forth Harbour. View from South on 05-01-2009
  16. Beach Fishing Harbour

    Beach Fishing Harbour

    Poland - Gdynia Orlowo, small, open fishing boats are still used here. You can always buy fresh or smoked cod, flat fish, herrings, eel and salmon, if you get out of the bed early enough. You may see a rising sun too - very often.
  17. Beach Fishing Harbour

    Beach Fishing Harbour

    This pictue is related to the previous one with the same name. The cross is used to pull fishing boats out of the beach when they want to go fishing. Location: Poland - Gdynia Orlowo.
  18. Barrows in Furness

    Barrows in Furness

    Barrows in Furness Harbour, view from the lock on 29-04-2008
  19. Rotterdam - Botlek

    Rotterdam - Botlek

    Misty morniing 08-11-2008. Rising sun over Rotterdam harbour - Botlek area
  20. Where is this?

    Where is this?

    Image taken by my late father in the mid 50's. It could be somehvere in Canada, or maybe Russia (Murmansk?). Anyone who recognizes this harbour? Or even the ships?